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SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro

SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro

SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro is the newest way to train speed and footwork. Unique wear-resistant design for any surface and adjustable training patrons.

€ 119,95
Price per unit




  • Trains footwork and speed with realistic conditions
  • Designed for curved and adjustable training patterns
  • Reduces response time and increased speed in all directions
  • Abrasion resistant for use on any surface
  • Set of 10 pieces with easy carrying strap

Unique trapezoidal design of the SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro increases speed, strength and agility with realistic movements that fit the sport. Sports rarely go straight, and training can make it much more realistic. With the SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro curved and broken patterns can be made focused on the sport to cut, rotate and change direction. Improve the foot speed and precision to break or close a match.

The SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro is abrasion resistant and suitable for any surface, including wood floors, grass, artificial turf, gravel and sand. This trainer does not slip away and does not bother during training. This is the latest skill trainer for anyone who wants to improve his footwork. Set of 10 pieces with strap.

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